Where we are located

We are located in Paraíso, 15680 Ordes – A Coruña, SPAIN
Our warehouse occupies an area of more than 2000 square meters and possess facilities of the highest level. Thanks to a careful design, the best materials and the most modern technologies, our live bait can be kept in perfect conditions throughout the whole production line.


Good conservation guidelines

We can boast of having several acclimatized and conditioned vivariums whose water recirculation systems allow us to keep the product under control for several days without any loss of quality. This is achieved through optimal design of the flow rate, mechanical and biological treatment and filtration equipment, salinity control, foaming, ozonation, cooling, UV disinfection and the distribution of dissolved oxygen.
We have several refrigerating chambers and climate control equipment necessary for annelids life.
The benefit of controlled temperature conditions is vitally because of the extreme fragility of our animals to temperature changes. We have several refrigerating chambers and climate control equipment necessary for annelids life.
On equal footing, the distribution of several water tanks along the facility is very important, as circulation and movement serve as oxygen carriers for annelids stock.
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Obtaining and treatment process

Obtaining and treatment process
We have a large variety of live bait including international species such as Korean, American, Bibi Worms or Cordell. We also have baits collected in frontier territories such as the Peanut Worm, Trawl worm, Marphysa, Razor Shell, Squilla mantis or White Worm. Besides these, we have baits from Galician coasts, such as Northern Galician Ragworm, Lugworm, Tube worm, Sand worm or Crabs.
Our own Galician bait is collected by mariscadores, diggers of shellfish, belonging to different fishermen's guilds throughout Galicia which always fulfil all the necessary quality standards.
Thanks to our modern facilities, all the annelids are relocated during the reception process in their corresponding vivariums according to their physiological needs until the packaging.
The packaging used for each product also depends on different bait compatibility factors. We try to be the best we can. We use both cardboard or recycled plastic packaging and sand or substrate according to the product.
In all shipments we use the most suitable packaging depending on the bait’s temperature and biological requirements. If needed, the bait will be accompanied by a cold accumulator to maintain the ideal temperature.
We have our own fleet with several vehicles certified to the highest ecological standards. Nevertheless, we also work with the main transport companies that guarantee delivery as soon as possible.
Thanks to the responsibility of the transport companies and our flexible services, in national shipments his effectiveness allows us to make next day delivery before 10 a.m.
In other countries, the product will be delivery in one or two days depending on the destination.