Sea baits

Product description

The American worm, or Glycera dibranchiata, is a pinkish polychaete with an elongated, cylindrical shape. Its body is divided into segments, with a pair of parapods with stinging cirri in each, which produce a slight sensation of electricity or urticaria on the fingertips.

The presentation for sale is 5 units in a plastic container with a substrate of coarse sea sand.

Main characteristics

This essential bait takes its name from its origin, as it is imported from the Atlantic coast of Canada and the United States. They are abundant in the sediments.

They are carnivorous, feeding by extending an appendage of four fangs. For this reason, they must be handled with some care, as when they feel threatened, they extend this trunk to attack their aggressor, causing a bite that can be painful.

Its strong constitution, good size and resistance to attack by smaller fish, as well as the smell it gives off, make it a delicacy for many varieties of fish.

It is especially used by surf casting lovers, and suitable for techniques such as bobber fishing or boat fishing.


Available all year round, but may be subject to shortages due to inclement weather.
All worms can have a loss of 40 % of their original weight, according to species.

Recommended fish

Given that the fishing pieces are variable depending on the season, technique and geographical area, its versatility makes it attractive for the family of sparidae as gilthead seabream, big white seabream or stripped seabream and other fish as flatfish, wrasses and serranids.

Tips for good conservation

Temperature between 4 and 8 °C.