Sea baits

Product description

Namalycastis jaya is a brackish water polychaete worm of the family Nereididae. It is a large red or pink annelid. It can grow to over 1.5 m in length.

It is packaged in a plastic box containing 1 or 2 pieces and substrate of coarse sea sand.

Main characteristics

Originating from Southeast Asia, the Cordelle is a bait that, unlike other varieties, hates the cold and needs warmth to survive. This quality makes it highly resistant and long-lasting. It has a strong smell and colour and is suitable for different salinities.

In surf casting, heavy casting and medium casting are the techniques best suited to this species. Although it is not very thick, it is surprisingly resistant to casts.


Available from June to September both included, but may be subject to shortages due to inclement weather.
All worms can have a loss of 40 % of their original weight, according to species.

Recommended fish

Giving that the fishing pieces are variable depending on the season, technique and geographical area, its an excellent bait for white seabream, sea bass, gilthead seabream, stripped sea bream and all kinds of sparids.

Tips for good conservation

Temperature between 8 and 12 °C.