Sea baits

Product description

The Trawl worm, or Halla parthenopeia, is a marine polychaete worm belonging to the family Oenonidae. It is orange and has a hemispherical structure, oval in the upper part and semi-flat in the ventral part. Its body is divided into cylindrical segments from which two appendages called parapods grow.

It is packaged in a plastic box containing 1 big piece on a substrate of coarse sea sand.

Main characteristics

This is a worm native to the waters of the Mediterranean, collected in shallow waters. When handled and cast, it secretes a violet-coloured liquid rich in iodine which is highly attractive to various species.

It is highly valued for surf casting and all shore fishing techniques.


Available all year round, but may be subject to shortages due to inclement weather and tidal flow.
All worms can have a loss of 40 % of their original weight, according to species.

Recommended fish

Giving that the fishing pieces are variable depending on the season, technique and geographical area, it is a bait to which all species respond as an exquisite dish, especially sea bass.

Tips for good conservation

Temperature between 14 and 16 °C.