Sea baits

Product description

The Diopatra neapolitana is an annelid with a cylindrical and elongated body which can reach up to 50 cm in length. It has different types of silk on its body. It has a pair of tentacular rings on the buccal segment, two frontal antennae and five occipitals plus two palps. It is green with iridescences.

It is packaged in a plastic box containing 3 - 4 pieces on a substrate of coarse sea sand.

Main characteristics

The origin of this bait is the European Atlantic. Most of the specimens we sell come from our Galician coasts. This polychaete is formed by a vertical membranous tube that it builds itself and which can be more than one metre long. It is very sensitive to pollution, being very necessary for it in areas where the tidal flow is very high.

Its laborious harvesting gives us an idea of how demanding this animal is when searching deep tidal flats and estuaries.

Ideal for night fishing, it has a lot of phosphorus and glows fluorescent green.

The most popular fishing techniques associated with this bait are shore, boat or surf casting fishing.


Available all year round, but may be subject to shortages due to inclement weather and tidal flow.
All worms can have a loss of 40 % of their original weight, according to species.

Recommended fish

Giving that the fishing pieces are variable depending on the season, technique and geographical area, it is recommended for sea bass, white seabream and red seabream among others.

Tips for good conservation

Temperature between 14 and 16 °C.